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The State Bank of Taunton began business in May of 1905 with a capital stock of $10,000. The officers and directors were as follows: John Swenson, president; P.P. Ahren, vice president; M.F. Ahern, cashier and Samuel Lewison. The institution did general banking business, engaged in real estate collection and insurance business. The bank has shown substantial growth and has never closed during its over century long existence. Par value of its shares has always been $100.00. The cost of the original brick building including the outhouse was $4,412.99. Four additions have been made to the original building over the years.

Jessie McPhail started work on December 1, 1914 and G.F. Ahern in 1921 as cashier. M.F. Ahern became president in 1924; P.P. Ahern, vice president; G.F. Ahern, cashier and Jessie McPhail, assistant cashier.

During the days of the Depression a special meeting was called on April 8, 1931. Fifty-five new stockholders purchased shares at the cost of $100.00 each. The bank was reorganized with the following officers being elected; C.O. Olson, Pres. H.O. Esping, vice president, G.F. Ahern, Cashier, Jessie Jensen, ass't cashier, Ole Esping, Frank Pesek, R.N. Anderson, Directors. The all home owned bank was now in fact, as well as in name, a community bank. In 1932 R.N. Anderson became President and Chris Olson a director. Jessie Jensen became Cashier in 1934 resigning on May 15 1943. John W. Canton was hired to be cashier on May 22, 1943. Mr. Canton became President in 1965 remaining in this position until 1973. In these thirty years of service Mr. Canton served the community well. His personality made the customers his friends.

The growth of the bank from 1940 to 1970 reflects the integrity and confidence that people put in Mr. Canton. The assets in that period grew from $135,000 to $4,065,000.

John R. Canton came in Aug. 1948 becoming assistant cashier the following year. In June of 1952 Marjorie Kosmalski joined the staff. Helen Traen was employed as bookkeeper 1954-1957. In 1957 the officers of the bank were: R.N. Anderson, President; J.W. Canton, Executive Vice President; J.R. Canton, Cashier, and Marjorie Kosmalski, Ass't Cashier. Jessie Maertens was employed August 26, 1957 becoming assistant cashier in 1960 and retiring Sept. 1, 1984. Ronald Gilgert came in Nov. of 1957. in Dec. 1961 Keith Anderson was employed. Both K. Anderson and R. Gilgert served in the U.S. Army. Gilgert in 1962-63 and Anderson 1965-67. Both returned to their employment at the State Bank of Taunton. They were appointed Assistant Cashiers in 1965.

Due to ill health R.N. Andreson resigned in 1965. Alfred Larson became Vice President. Albert Borson became a member of the Board in 1964, Knute Anderson came in 1966, becoming Vice President in 1974.

Arlin Blumeyer came in 1966-1970, working in the insurance field.

In 1974 Agnes Anderson was named to the Board of Directors.

Patricia Brewers was employed in April 1980 and became Ass't Cashier when Jessie Maertens retired.

Carol Jeremiason began her employment at the State Bank of Taunton in June of 1984 as a Proof Operator.

John R. Canton continued as President until December, 1986 and was succeeded by Keith L. Anderson.

In August of 1987 Mary Jo Thooft was hired as a Proof Operator.

Wendell Larson joined the Board of Directors in February, 1988, replacing Albert Borson, who resigned.

Kevin Hoffmann replaced Agnes Anderson on the Board in October, 1992, Ms. Anderson retired from the Board. Jill Anderson replaced Mr. Hoffmann on the Board in May, 1996.

Bruce Byers joined the Bank in January 2000 as Vice President and at the same time replaced Knute Anderson on the Board of Directors.  Mr. Byers was named President of the State Bank of Taunton in December 2001.  At that time Kevin Hoffman was named Assistant Vice President and Keith Anderson former President remained as the Executive Vice President. Bradley Salfer joined the staff as Ag Loan Officer in February 2001.

The State Bank of Taunton celebrated its centennial in 2005.

Ted Palmer began employment December 2006.  Ted replaced Bradley Salfer, who resigned September 2006.

Linda Pesch was employed as a Marketing Manager from March 2007 till her resignation in September 2007.

Bruce Byers was President from December 2001 until October 2007. Kevin Hoffman replaced Bruce Byers on the Board of Directors October 2007. 

Jerry Wanken joined the State Bank of Taunton in November 2007 and was appointed President and Chairman of the Board in January 2008.  Keith Anderson was named Senior Vice President, Kevin Hoffman was named Executive Vice President, and Ted Palmer was named Ag Loan Officer also in January 2008. 

Keith L. Anderson retired March 2008.  Keith Anderson remains on the Board of Directors.

Judy Wanken began employment at the State Bank of Taunton as a teller in April of 2008.  Celia Gilbertson joined the staff in the area of Teller/Operations in August 2008, replacing Mary Jo Thooft whose employment ended in June 2008.  Amber Kack also joined the bank in August of 2008 as a loan processor. 

Paul Jesse joined the State Bank of Taunton in April of 2009 as the Senior Vice President.

Angie Stacken began employment at the State Bank of Taunton in October 2009 as a loan clerk, replacing Amber Kack who was promoted to Credit Assistant.

Amanda Pesch joined the State Bank of Taunton in October 2009 as a Teller.  Jeri Whortenbury joined the State Bank of Taunton in October 2009 as Operations Clerk, replacing Celia Gilbertson whose employment ended in September 2009.  Also in October of 2009 Ted Palmer was named Vice President of Operations/cashier.

At the end of 2009, Dianna Dandurand retired after working at the State Bank of Taunton for 21 years.  Dianneís employment lasted from February 1988 through December 2009.

In March of 2010 Carie Driessen was hired as a full time teller

Amber Kack was appointed a Loan Officer in November of 2010.

2011 brought us a new 3600 square foot addition to the bank, housing the loan department and a new boardroom.  Also in January of 2011 the bank hired Brad Schriber as Vice President and Compliance officer.

Moriah Reiss joined the State Bank of Taunton as a full-time teller in April of 2012.  She replaced Judy Wanken who reitred in March of 2012.

On May 10, 2012, Paul Jesse resigned from his position as Senior Vice President.  In July of 2012, Ross Buffington was hired to take over as Senior Vice President.

On December 28, 2012 Ross Buffington resigned from his position as Senior Vice President.  Replacing Ross was Paul Jesse; he was welcomed back in February of 2013 as Senior Vice President.

In May of 2013 Angie Stacken resigned her positions from the State Bank of Taunton.

In June of 2013 Jerry Wanken retired from his position as President replace by Duane Peterson who became President in August of 2013.

July of 2013 we welcomed two new tellers to the group Kelly Eischens and Diane Breyfogle, also in July Kevin Hoffmann resigned from his position.

 Franz Lubenow joined the bank in October of 2013 as Senior Vice President and Chief Credit officer.  James Kponyoh joined the group in January of 2014, to help with IT.  

Paul Jesse left in April of 2014 and Carie Driessen and Ted Palmer resigned their positions soon after.

Jill Anderson retired her position in July of 2014 and Kelly Eischens took over that position.  Also Halie Speiser joined as a teller and Abbie Yeo as a loan auditor.

In October of 2014 Franz Lubenow left his position and Jeri Whortenbury was promoted to consumer loan officer and Moriah Reiss to Ag loan officer.  Amber Kack was promoted to Vice President.

James Kponyoh resigned his position July 21st of 2015.


Present officers & staff


  • Diane Breyfogle, Loan Administrative Assistant

  • Kelly Eischens, Executive Administrative Assistant

  • Carol Jeremiason, Assistant Cashier

  • Amber Kack, VP/Mortgage Loan Officer

  • Abbie Yeo, Loan Auditor and Loan Administrative Assistant

  • Amanda Pesch, Head Teller

  • Duane Peterson, President/CEO

  • Moriah Reiss, Ag Loan Officer

  • Brad Schriber, Senior VP/Compliance Officer & Cashier

  • Jeri Whortenbury, Consumer Loan Officer

  • Halie Speiser, Teller


Present Board of Directors

  • Doug Anderson

  • Keith L. Anderson

  • Jill Anderson

  • Ronald Gilgert

  • Duane Peterson

  • Brad Schriber

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